The 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion spent a major part of 1944-45 defending Allied airfields. Many, if not all, of these airfields were either constructed or rehabilitated by U.S. Army Air Force Engineering Aviation Battalions (EABs).

   Please bookmark this page today and return in July 2003 for expanded special sections devoted to EABs in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO). Our story will take us — in words and pictures — to dozens of airfields in England, France, Belgium, and Germany. We'll visit airdromes built from scratch complete with mile-long concrete runways, taxiways, aprons, hard-standings, and sophisticated drainage systems — as well as to a few of the frontline variety that were conjured from European pastureland by meticulously laying thousands of panels of pierced steel planking over plowed ground. We'll also see how EABs turned dozens of former Luftwaffe airfields damaged by Allied bombs into serviceable bases for the USAAF to direct operations against Germany from the very doorstep of the Reich.

   Section I, a recreation of the IX Engineer Command's Official History booklet, is now available! ENTER HERE. Sections II and III will be available in July 2003. (For an excellent overview of EABs in WW II, visit the USAF Online Museum hosted by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. CREDIT: Sketch by Karl Rittmann, reproduced courtesy WW II Sketches of the Men from the 857th Engineer Aviation Battalion.)