Commendation of Major General J. A. Green, 18 September 1943

OFFICE OF THE COMMANDING GENERAL AAC 330/13-A-9 Subject: Commendation 18 September 1943 To: Commanding Officer, 225 Searchlight Battalion, Camp Davis, North Carolina, THROUGH Commanding General, AAATC, Camp Davis, North Carolina It is with pleasure that I transmit to you an extract from the report of Brigadier General C. V. R. Schuyler, my Chief of Staff, submitted to me as a result of his observations of training activities at the Antiaircraft Artillery Training Center at Camp Davis on 9 September 1943. "We arrived by train at Burgaw, N.C. on the morning of 9 September, where we were met by General Townsend, Colonel Martin, and Colonel Kreuter commanding the 43rd Group. We spent several hours inspecting various installations of the 225th Searchlight Battalion at and around Burgaw. We visited the AAAIS control room, the headquarters battery bivouac area, and one searchlight and 268 position. We observed a daylight drill of the AAAIS detail and of the searchlight section; also a portion of the headquarters battery at infantry drill in the bivouac area. In all respects this searchlight unit appeared superior. Drills were conducted with spirit, snap, and precision. Officers and key non-commissioned officers were impressive by their force and alertness, and bivouac areas, messes, latrines, and other housekeeping facilities were in excellent condition. Morale was high. The batallion commander (Lt. Col. Terrill) appeared to be a fine leader." S/ J. A Green T/ J. A Green Major General, U.S. Army, Commanding
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