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AAA Weapons in Focus:
The M2 .50-Caliber Machine Gun

M2 (30 K)

   An M2 Browning water-cooled .50-caliber machine gun is depicted in an antiaircraft-artillery (AAA) configuration on a three-legged-tripod—upported gooseneck pedestal mount. Note the spade grip configuration usually seen on this weapon. This gun is in action (the water hook-ups are attached). A spare drum magazine can be seen behind the gunner at the far right. This photograph was taken during the Operation Husky invasion of Sicily from early July to mid-August 1943.

M2 (29 K)

   Another view of an M2 Browning water-cooled .50 caliber machine gun in an AAA configuration on a three-legged pedestal mount. Note the cradle for the operator to lean into and compare to the spade grips in the above photo. No water hookups are visible, but the ground directly beneath the mount is littered with expended shell casings. The photo was also taken in Sicily during 1943.


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