Gourock to Newcastle
The battalion landed in Gourock, Scotland on 29 December 1943 and proceeded by rail to its first station in the United Kingdom, Camp Blandford, arriving at its destination on 31 December 1943.

The mouth of the River Clyde at Gourock (modern view).

After a quarantine of seven days duration, the battalion rapidly acclimated itself to its new surroundings. Strenuous and successful efforts were made to draw trucks, lights, radars, and other equipment, and while this was being done, the battalion's officers, under the supervision of Lt. Col. Terrill, were taken to visit numerous British antiaircraft sites, where they were given an opportunity of talking and exchanging ideas with British antiaircraft personnel and of obtaining information as to British combat techniques in the antiaircraft defense of the United Kingdom. While at Camp Blandford, the unit was assigned to the 49th AAA Brigade and to the 92nd AAA Group, and under their direction conducted additional training while awaiting an assignment.

Gourock Harbor, on the River Clyde, as it looks today.

On 13 February 1944, in order to make room at Camp Blandford for constantly arriving new AAA units, the battalion departed by motor convoy for Dan-y-Park in Brecknockshire, Wales. The camp had never been occupied before the arrival of the 225th and much of the time there was spent in construction and cleanup work and in improving living conditions. The battalion's stay at Dan-y-Park was a short one, for on 29 February 1944 the battalion began a motor convoy movement to Newcastle-on-Tyne, where it had been assigned its first operational mission of the war. The convoy orders called for short movements each day, and, consequently, it was not until 4 March, after overnight stops at British transient camps at Castle Camps, Moor Park, and Hadrian's Camp, that the battalion reached Newcastle-on-Tyne.

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