Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg
   Today’s Sheridan Kaserne (front gate pictured above) was built around 1936 and consisted at that time of three separate kasernes, divided by public streets. The section to the south of the street running from the front gate to the rear gate was the home of an Air Force Communications Training Regiment. The northern section of Sheridan Kaserne was the home of a German Signal Battalion. The northeast section and the northwest section housed an Infantry Battalion.

SHERIDAN KASERNE HQ BUILDING (14 K)   When Augsburg was occupied in 1945, it housed elements of the 9th Infantry Division and the United States Constabulary, 74th Constabulary Squadron; later it hosted an entire Constabulary Regiment, which was converted to an Armored Cavalry Regiment. More recently, elements of the 43rd Infantry Division, 5th Infantry Division, 11th Airborne Division, 24th Infantry Division, and 1st Infantry Division were stationed at Sheridan Kaserne. Around 1970 the last Infantry (3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division) moved out and the ARA Field Station moved in.