V-E DAY (18 K)

The 50th Anniversary of V-E Day
May 8, 1945

by Harold F. Mohn

The guns of war are silent now,
The battlefields are still,
But memories of the war time past
Live on and always will.

Today it now is fifty years
Since that historic day,
When peace was signed to end the war
Upon this day in May.

The countries that were conquered then
Today are once more free,
And people who had been enslaved
Now know their liberty.

The countrysides are peaceful now
But marked with crosses white,
Of gallant men who gave their all
And died for freedom's light.

The towns and cities are rebuilt
That felt the wrath of war,
Today they stand proud and sedate
As they once did before.

Let us resolve and always strive
With all our might and main,
To guard and keep this cherished peace
So it may always reign.


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