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Volume 1, No. 10                  PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY 56th AAA BRIGADE FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 1945

Some Rules for Leave, Discharge

Do you want to speed action on your application for an emergency return to the U.S.A. or your application for a discharge on either age or dependency grounds? If you do, then the following information should be of interest and value to you.

Emergency Leave to USA

Regarding applications for emergency return to the United States, USSTAF says: "Although the policy has been liberalized, it is still necessary that application include Red Cross report and affadavit of applicant listing adult members of immediate family and their ability to cope with situation."

Over 38

Applications for discharge by those 38 years of age and over can be submitted without quoting the authority.

Dependency Discharge

One: Each application for discharge giving dependency as cause should be accompianed by notarized affadavits from three disinterested persons, such as neighbors, business acquaintances, etc.

Two: The application should include the complete address of the person submitting the application.

Three: The application should include the name and address of applicant's Local Board of Induction.

Four: The application should include the addresses of the persons claimed as dependents.

Five: Applicant himself must make affadavit stated reasons for requesting discharge.

225th Lights Eiffel Tower


In their role of illuminating historic Eiffel Tower, five sections of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion are providing one of the most striking displays in the USSTAF Exhibition currently showing in Paris.
The searchlights, manned by minimum crews, nightly are trained on the noted spire, bringing the world famous weblike structure into sharp relief. On cloudy nights a spectacular reflection of the edifice can be plainly seen in the sky.
As symbolic of Paris as is the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building of New York City or as is Big Ben of London, Eiffel Tower is the site of the U.S. Air Force exhibit, which is centered in and about the base of the symbolic structure.
The exhibit consists mainly of U.S. Army equipment, most of it air force material. It has attracted thousands of patrons since its inception and continues to pack them in daily.
Opened in late summer, the show is dedicated to the French people, in recognition of the aid they gave U.S. airmen forced to land on French soil during the pre-invasiond days when France was prostrate under the tyrannical heel of her enemy, the Boche.
Of all the roles the 225th men have performed – illuminating enemy planes, lighting up U.S. engineer projects for the night shift, homing friendly planes, etc. – most pleasant of all is this present nocturnal adventure in Gay Paree.

225th Visits Tallest Peak in Germany


... to appear shortly.

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