Downtown Burgaw, NC, Early 1940s


   Pictured is the corner of Wright and Fremont Streets, downtown Burgaw, during the early 1940s. Close inspection of the photo shows (from left to right) the movie theatre, with several strings of pennants above the marquee, which reads "Walt Disney's Pinnochio" (released in 1940); the Pender (illegible) Center, which seems to feature a bowling alley; and a cafe, whose name cannot be made out. The three vehicles all seem to be early 40s models (anyone who can identify the make and year of each, as well as provide any more information about the photo, should contact the Webmaster). The 225th moved from Camp Davis to Burgaw, a distance of about 40 miles, on 1 July 1943, to set up bivouacs and establish a fighter-searchlight grid covering some 290 square miles (see Chapter 4 of the Unit History, Fighter-Searchlight Tactics). According to the batallion history covering the period 20 January to 23 December 1943, "Battalion Headquarters was located on the second floor of a loft building next to the Pender Moving Picture Theatre. Headquarters Battery's bivouac area was situated a half-mile from town, on Route 53." Taken together, this statement and the photo would seem to indicate that HQ was set up in the rooms above the bowling alley and the cafe. Rick Langston, a Burgaw native (born 1955) never remembers the theatre being in operation; according to Rick, it stood empty for a long time, and was finally torn down. The lot stood empty for a time, and was eventually replaced by an office building. (Photo scanned by Rick Langston from History of Pender County, North Carolina, Mattie Bloodworth, 1947).

   The images below show Burgaw today and are reproduced here courtesy the Town of Burgaw.


Wright Street, downtown Burgaw.


Corner of Wright and Freemont Streets.

Where is Burgaw?

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