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July 4, 2003: Can You Identify these Men
of the 391st AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion?

Pete Belaire writes:   " ... I am writing to you in the hope that we can find someone who can identify the men in these pictures. My father, John Leonard Belaire, was assigned to B Battery, 391st AAA AW Bn as a truck driver. In the photo above, he's standing at the extreme right (a few guys, including my father, are wearing Coast Artillery T-shirts). In the photo below, my dad is in the center. I would like to identify the men in these photographs if possible. I would also like to know something else. My father was with the 391st AAA AW Bn when it left for England aboard the SS George Washington on February 27, 1944. Sometime during the war, my father was transferred to Cannon Company, 422nd Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division. I would like to know when this transfer happened. The 422nd was eliminated as a fighting force during the Battle of the Bulge. Was he with the 422nd before or after the 'Bulge'?"
Answers:   Please send your information to the Webmaster to post here.

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