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August 24, 2003: Information Sought
about 52nd AAA Brigade at Bentley Wood

Barry Fox writes:   " ... My name is Barry Fox and I live in England on the edge of a forest known as Bentley Wood (on the Wiltshire-Hampshire border) that belonged to the Norman Court Estate in 1944. During the period March 1944 to D+90 the U.S. 52nd AAA Brigade Headquarters was situated in this forest. I think some of the attached units were the 113th and 125th Gun Battalions and the 451st and 784th Automatic Weapons Battalions plus Battery A Headquarters, but I'm not sure of this. I would like to make contact with any U.S. veteran who was camped in Bentley Wood attached to the 52nd AAA Brigade during this period. Many of us who live in the area of Bentley Wood feel that the U.S. soldiers who lived on our doorstep are a permanent and important part of our local history which we would like to record and make known to our children before time erases all memories. We would also like to make contact with any relatives of 52nd AAA Brigade soldiers who were killed in the war or who died after the war ended. My e-mail address appears directly below."

Answers:   Please send your information to Barry Fox.

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