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August 2, 2004: Information Sought
about Clifford Harry Carle

Harold Hahn writes:   " ... I 'd like to find out anything I can about my mother's brother Clifford Harry Carle, who in the photo below is wearing the Coast Artillery badge along with what appears to be badge of an AAA unit, possibly a searchlight unit (view enlargement, which seems to show several objects caught in a representation of a searchlight beam, a common heraldic device for such units). He was one of four of my mother's younger brothers who served in the Army in WW II (and according to my mother, all made sergeant). Uncle Clifford (I'm uncertain if he went by any nicknames outside the family, where my mother had, at early age nicknamed him Tip as in "It's a Long Way to Tipperary," which was then her favorite song) enlisted the morning of December 8, 1941, probably in either Prince Georges Co., Maryland, or Washington,DC, a few miles from where the family lived.

   One brother, Lloyd, Jr., who I believe may have already been in the Army on Dec. 7, was before long posted to the Canal Zone, where the farm boy was helping an Army veterinarian deal with an Army mule when he was kicked in the head. While he was hospitalized the Army doctors discovered he had a number of other problems, including malaria and a severe case of asthma. They shipped him home before they could find any more problems.

   All three brothers — Clifford, Ken (Kenneth), and Bill (William) — served in Europe. I don't know if the others served in the same or similar units (although there could have been some tendency in that direction- — their father had left the Field Artillery as a sergeant with 10 years service and had built up a small trucking business by 1941, so they may have had more than average experience with trucks and such). It's possible someone might have some info on Ken or Bill (who have both been dead some time now) also. My mother once had a snapshot of Ken Carle in the Netherlands and I think either Bill or Ken was in Italy and Austria at some point.

   Clifford was wounded in the knee on Dec. 20-22, 1944 in Luxembourg as I remember from seeing an old news clipping many years ago. Since it was fairly obvious his leg was not going to be battle ready again, the Army shipped him home fairly quickly and discharged him disability. After he had an argument with his father over paying for college, he lined up a billet as a ship's cook on a merchant ship on the West Coast despite being a nonswimmer (who my mother saved from drowning when he was 10) with a gimpy leg. Before 1945 was over he had fallen overboard from a launch in San Francisco Bay and drowned. He is supposed to be buried in one of the National Cemeteries in the San Francisco area (but online searches have not pinned down which)."

Answers:   Please send your information directly to Harold.

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