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About the Skylighters Crest

    Designed by the Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group, the Skylighters crest was created in 1998 and debuted as a cloisonne pin distributed at the 1998 Reunion (see scanned image of pin at left). As the 225th Searchlight Battalion had no unit coat of arms or distinctive insignia, the crest essentially serves as the unit's insignia today, though the insignia of both the 9th U.S. Army Air Force and the U.S. First Army are traditionally identified with the 225th since the battalion's services were split between the two (the 9th AAF patch was worn on the left sleeve and the 1st Army patch on the right) during their tenure in the ETO, 1944-45. The basic shape of the crest is the same as that of the 9th U.S. Army Air Force patch worn by the battalion during much of its service in the ETO, and, hence, is symbolic of their intimate connection to the 9th (The 225th's primary role from June 1944 to war's end was 9th USAAF airstrip defense and the homing of friendly aircraft, especially the P-61 Black Widows of the 422nd and 425th Night Fighter Squadrons.)

   The field of the crest is red, the branch color for all artillery units. Dominating the field of red are two gold wings, also derived from the 9th USAAF insignia, which spring forth from two golden searchlight beams. The two golden beams intersect between the wings. Below the crest is a golden scroll on which (not visible in the scan above) the name "Skylighters" is engraved.

   Here are some stylized versions of the crest that you can download for personal use:

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   The 225th traces its origins to the 3rd battalion of the 510th Coast Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft), which was constituted 29 July 1921 in the Organized Reserves and allotted to the Third Corps Area and assigned to III Corps. The 510th was organized during February 1922, with its headquarters at Chester, Pennsylvania. The 3rd Battalion was constituted 1 April 1942 in the Army of the United States. The regiment was ordered into active military service, less personnel and equipment, on 15 November 1942, at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. The regiment was summarily broken up at Fort Sheridan on 20 January 1943, and its elements reorganized and redesignated as follows:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery redesignated Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 112th Coast Artillery Group
  • 1st Battalion redesignated 164th Coast Artillery Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion redesignated 198th Coast Artillery Battalion
  • 3rd Battalion redesignated 225th Coast Artillery Searchlight Battalion
Finally, on 3 March 1943, the 225th CA Searchlight Battalion was redesignated the 225th Antiaircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion. More information is available on the History Page.


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