How Do I Find Information?
  There are two essential ways to find the information you're looking for at Skylighters.

The easiest and fastest way to locate information at this site is to use our search page, a link to which appears on the left-hand side of all main section pages. The link looks like:

Just click on the red button and you'll be advanced to the search page. To go to the search page right now, click here. Select a keyword search by clicking in the open circle (a black dot will appear, indicating "checked") and then type what you're looking for in the large window: it could be a name of a battalion member, a battery designation, a location, etc. The index of what you can search is indexed once a month, so as new information is added, the terms contained in the new pages become searchable.

You can also get to the search page from any page by clicking on the "First Aid" button atop every screen (a text version appears at the bottom of every page as well). Scroll back to the top (or down to the bottom) and click on "First Aid." The "First Aid" page is where you should go anytime you need help finding your way around Skylighters.

Browsing the Site Index
An alternate way to locate what you need is to browse the Site Index, which is a simple listing of documents at this site (it's like the table of contents of a book, but is arranged alphabetically). To look up pages with information about B Battery, for example, go to the "B" section and see what's available under the dropdown menu.
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