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The Skylighters Community & this Site

   What characterizes a member of the Skylighters community? Well, it's safe to say that former members of the battalion come around here pretty frequently, as do their relatives, all seeking to share a memory or look at old photographs, or find out about our next reunion. Another group is former AAA veterans of World War II from other units, whether they be from Automatic Weapons battalions, heavy AA gun battalions, other searchlight battalions, and the like. They come around a lot, and usually sign our guestbook or post something on the message board. Then there's people from all over the world who are just interested in WW II and the men who fought it. We even have people who still operate the old WW II searchlights for fun and for profit. Ever the sticklers for accuracy, they come to Skylighters for information on how to detail their equipment or hook up with someone who sells parts.

   If you're in one of these groups, then maybe you'll come back again. Before you go, though, look over the information below, which will give you a little bit of idea of why this site is here and just what you can find out about The Skylighters, the Antiaircraft Artillery in WW II, the U.S. Army in the ETO, and the war at large. At any rate, welcome to our site. We hope you'll come back every once in a while.

   Why does Skylighters exist? Well, you'll have to read our Mission Statement & Dedication and maybe our Webmaster's Memorial Day 1999 Essay. In a nutshell, it's here so people will remember.

   What should I do first at Skylighters? Well, you're free just to look around. Click on links and see where they go is the best way to find out what this site is all about. We do hope, however, that you'll drop us a line by leaving a comment in our guestbook. If you want to ask questions and discuss things, simply head on over to our message board (people from all over the world have dropped in to find out more about the 225th, the war, searchlights, other AAA units, etc.). Maybe you have a question or you could help someone else out.

   Ready to take the Skylighters "Guided Tour?" Follow the next link for a quick overview of the site, which will remind you of an old-time slide show. It will answer such questions as:

  • How do I find particular information on the site?
  • How do I find the names of battalion members?
  • How do I find the latest news about the 225th?
  • How do play music while I browse?
  • How do I make Skylighters my home page?
  • How do I contact the Webmaster?
  • How do I contribute information?

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