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HELMETWelcome to our guestbook. For those of you new to the Web, a guestbook is comprised of two parts: (a) an interactive form that allows you to create and submit a message, and (b) a page that contains messages submitted and "published" on our guestbook page. By following the links below, you may either add a comment for all visitors to see, or simply browse what other visitors have said. Please be aware that your browser must support HTML forms in order for you to add your comments. Check under the life-preserver icon at the left to see if there's any help on this topic.

The primary purpose of this site is to serve as a reminder of what it was like to be an American fighting man in the European Theatre of Operations after D-Day. We all know that their number is diminishing. Many of them were 18 and 19 years old when they tasted their first pint of warm English beer, when they walked up the draws leading off Bloody Omaha, when they froze in slit trenches before the Seigfried Line in the last winter of the war, and when they caught the eye of a young Fraulein on occupation duty during that heady Summer of 1945 . The survivors are now in their 70s; many have passed on. We created this site so the world will remember.

We are proud of this site, so please let us know if we're doing them justice by leaving a comment. (If you're interested in reading our Mission Statement and finding out more about why Skylighters exists, please visit our Dedications Page.)

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Since our guestbook has gotten so large, we have archived past entries.
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