M1 Searchlight Trailer, View 1


An M1 searchlight trailer (manufactured by Fruehauf), viewed from the back, showing the flexible "tongue" that formed a ramp to facilitate loading of the searchlight. This model, along with the M7, used for hauling electrical generators and smoke generators, were used primarily by the antiaircraft artillery. The body was welded into a one-piece structure and unitized. Two wheel and tire assemblies were mounted on each side on walking beams. The hubs were mounted directly on the walking beams, and no springs were used, a feature that provided better travel over uneven ground. Standard Budd wheels were used, the same six-hole models used on two-and-a-half ton trucks. Brakes were electric. Each corner of the body had a control on the top for screwing down the four leveling jacks, which allowed the trailer to be stabilized. The front hitch was attached to the standard drawbar-type frame welded to the body. This unit was welded rather than built out of channel. The lunette was adjustable to account for towing vehicles of different heights (photo courtesy Chet Krause).

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